Sunday, March 2, 2008

Asbestos Unnerves Carroll Gardens

Is asbestos the real reason that G and F train service has been disrupted this weekend? The Gowanus Lounge has a blistering exposé today about the MTA's sudden (and shoddy) removal of asbestos from the Carroll Street F/G subway stop.

I understand that there are many instances where the City chooses not to unduly unnerve its residents, but deliberately downplaying very real dangers under the pretense of "track work" is indefensible.

Brooklynites are tough. We'd rather hear a hard truth than a whitewashed lie. The MTA should treat us better than former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman did after 9/11.

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Reed said...

The pictures are a horror scenario. What I am unable to figure out is why the community has not taken the matter up with the authorities.
Just the fact that asbestos presence is suspected should be enough to forewarn citizens, if necessary, to move out of their residence, as the fibers can be dispersed in the air for miles around.

Then again, less panic and more practical measures should be considered.