Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congressman Vito?!? (Part II): Senate Majority Leader Dilan?!?

Since I posted about the possibility of Congressman Vito Lopez a few hours ago, I have gotten bombarded with interesting emails from people with various opinions on the subject (most of whom apparently prefer to comment off the record for fear of retribution).

The most interesting tip I've received concerns a move Vito appears to be orchestrating behind the scenes to clear his path to Nydia Velazquez's Congressional seat. The Optimist's source, who claims to have inside knowledge of the dealings, says that State Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn, one of the three remaining members of the now infamous Gang of Three, has abandoned his push for State Senator-elect Pedro Espada Jr. of The Bronx to become Senate Majority Leader and now favors Senator Martin Malavé Dilan of Brooklyn for the job.

While no one seriously thinks right now that Marty Dilan could bypass Minority Leader Malcolm Smith and get elected to the State Senate's top post, the fact that these moves are even being made casts a fascinating light upon Vito's skillful maneuverings. If Dilan became Minority Leader, Vito would be rid of his chief potential rival for Velazquez's seat.

Yes, this is all still speculation, but that doesn't mean it can be simply dismissed as idle chatter. Never underestimate Vito. After Clarence Norman went down, no one ever thought Vito would be able to take over the Brooklyn Democratic Party either. We've all seen how right they were.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Optimist! Good blog. Since you're so up on NY politics, you'll get all the Mitchell-Lama stuff in what, with my apologies, I'm cutting and pasting to your comments section.

It's not a plot to rob Brooklyn of its best and brightest, but if you had a chance at living in a Mitchell-Lama in increasingly soulless Manhattan, wouldn't you want to know? So here's my piece:

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They’re “middle-income” apartments, but the guidelines haven’t changed in a dog’s age.


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The privatizers are like Rove’s Republicans and Privatization is their Iraq. Actually, they may be Cheney’s Halliburtonites.

I am going under a pseudonym entirely because some of my neighbors are unwonderful in the extreme. So that’s a downside if you manage to get in-- venal superannuated bowery boys will resent your chipper boho elite self. Mr. Polly and I live with it just fine. (There are also decent people here. But you know how if you put a teaspoon of mackerel into a lemon merengue pie everybody concentrates on the mackerel? Same here.

Please check out the info. Yes, I’m blog-whoring for a purpose, and I love it! Copying and pasting, too. Help squeeze out the Southbridge Orcs who are busily emailing their nasty scaly relatives about this.

Spreading this news to anyone you think can use it, and by anyone you know I mean nice lefty fuzzy-haired bleeding-hearts, is encouraged.

I will answer whatever questions I can on the blog. Thanks, good people of Rumproast!