Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How You Can Demand Parks Over Power Plants

I received an important email yesterday from the Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning (GWAPP) about what we can all do to ensure Williamsburg gets a great park along the waterfront. The Brooklyn Optimist urges everyone to spread the word and help get involved making this park - the Bushwick Inlet Park - a reality. To join the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park Committee, email

This is what you need to know from GWAPP:

For more than seven years GWAPP, NAG and other neighborhood groups have fought TGE's proposed 1,100 megawatt power plant on the Bushwick Inlet in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. On March 20th the New York State Siting Board is set to convene in Albany to determine the fate of TGE, the fate of the City's proposed 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park along the East River.

Send a message to our state government in Albany to let them know that we demand a PARK not a POWER PLANT.

Click here to write our elected officials!

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