Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rove Tricked By Free Siegelman Banner

If you haven't followed the unbelievable travails of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, here's a good place to start reading.

In short, Siegelman dared to challenge the dirty tricks Karl Rove and his Republican opponent used to steal the 2002 gubernatorial election from him, and, as a result, wound up wrongfully accused of crimes like bribery, denied a proper trial, and subsequently sentenced to seven years in prison. Few examples of the Bush Administration's dark machinations smack so strongly of Stalinist Russia.

Amazingly, Siegelman was held incommunicado behind bars for over a year before reporters really started asking questions about the former governor's suspicious sudden fall from grace. Finally, the mainstream media and Congress has started to look into the case thanks to investigative reporting from the blogosphere, but it seems inevitable that Karl Rove will once again ooze his way out of trouble.

Rove will not emerge completing unscathed, however, thanks to a clever guerrilla prank pulled by Alan Breslauer, a guest blogger for The Brad Blog. In the video clip below, Breslauer tricks Rove into unraveling a "Free Don Siegelman" banner. Rove handles it Rovianly, but is clearly not amused. I wouldn't be surprised if Breslauer winds up mysteriously arrested too.

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VOD said...

Absolutely ridiculous that they're allowed to get away with shit like this in this day and age. They probably won't ever be held accountable for their despicable actions either.

Wake up America....