Thursday, February 14, 2008

Manhattan's President Coming to Brooklyn

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will be the guest speaker at the next monthly meeting of the Independent Neighborhood Democrats (IND), the Carroll Gardens-based Brooklyn political club.

Stringer's February 28th appearance at IND fuels suspicion that he might be thinking of vacating his post as Manhattan BP to seek Citywide office, most likely as Public Advocate - a job he lost out on when he ran for it in 2001. Were Stringer to do so, he would set off a flurry of activity among the many term-limited and would-be public officials vying for new jobs. Many soon-to-be out-of-work councilmembers doubtlessly covet Stringer's current post, while undeclared candidates still considering a bid for Public Advocate in 2009 might think twice about running if Manhattan's BP throws his hat in the ring.

You can catch all the pre-campaign action on the evening of February 28th at IND, which is located at 489 Court Street. For more information, call 718.875.2312 or email

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Anonymous said...

That's not optimism - it's depressing. Stringer is horrible (I lived on the UWS when he represented the area and he's gotten worse)