Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Media Consolidation Rocks Brooklyn

Brooklyn Paper Bought By News Corp & Greenpoint Courier Marked For Death

Just when I thought it was a slow news day in Brooklyn, Rupert Murdoch comes along and turns the borough on its head.

Today, Murdoch, who already owns the Brooklyn Courier-Life chain of newspapers, the New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal, gobbled up The Brooklyn Paper too. In an article posted just over an hour ago on the The New York Observer's website, The Brooklyn Paper's editor Gersh Kuntzman declares, "We're very excited."

Good thing Gersh is happy, because Brooklynites I called for quick comment are deeply disturbed at the total media consolidation of New York City's biggest borough - especially since all the papers will now be under the control of the ultra-conversative FOX News baron. "It's likely to put a stanglehold on independent reporting and on the ability for people to find out what's going on in their community and influence it," said Carroll Gardens resident Glenn Kelly.

And it's not just the residents of Brooklyn that are reeling from the sudden bombshell. There's likely to be a dramatic shake-up in both the Courier-Life and Brooklyn Paper newsrooms as News Corp. eliminates overlap between the two papers.

According to one of the Optimist's inside sources, the ax already fell today on some of the Courier-Life's unfortunate staffers and the Greenpoint Courier has been slated for extinction within the next two weeks. The Williamsburg Courier will survive annihilation for the time being because it's a cash cow for advertising, but other local Courier versions might end up on the chopping block.

Dear readers, have the Brooklyn blogs ever been more important? We're the only source of true, independent news left in the borough.


Anonymous said...

You don't sound very optimistic my friendly Brooklyn Optimist! We all know the face of journalism (if you call it that) is rapidly changing. But fortunately we have people like you to give, like you said, an independent take on all events Brooklyn. As for Murdoch's new purchase, maybe some Brooklynites could put their money together and buy the paper back. Just a thought.
John (the manhattan optimist)
P.S. Congradulations on the new baby!

Eric said...

dont bother buying it back.

put the money towards a new entity. it will be cheaper. and better.

Ajlouny said...

The mix of the economy and the heavy use of the internet will make the world as we know it change drastically. Company mergers and closings.