Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Running Out For Public School Parents to Run for CEC

The deadline for public school parents to register to run for NYC’s Community and Citywide Education Councils (CECs) has been extended until March 19th. In response to an increase in parent interest in the elections, the NYC Department of Education, a slew of City nonprofits, and parent groups across the five boroughs are stepping up their vigorous efforts to recruit candidates.

“We’re asking every New Yorker regardless of whether or not they currently have kids in school to pitch in to get the word out about these elections,” said Jeff S. Merritt, Founder and President of Grassroots Initiative, the New York City-based nonprofit organization partnering with the DOE to help to recruit and to assist CEC candidates.

The CECs, which replaced New York City’s School Boards in 2004, are parental advisory boards – one for each of the City’s 32 school districts – that meet with the district superintendent each month and advise the Department of Education on issues like school zoning and instruction.

Parents can sign up online to run for the CEC in a matter of minutes at powertotheparents.org. This year, the application process has been simplified so that both first-time candidates and current CEC members will have no trouble getting their names on the ballot.

For more information about the elections or how to run for the CEC, log on to powertotheparents.org or call 1-877-NYC-VOTE.

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