Monday, March 9, 2009

Brooklyn's Newest Optimist: Fiona Lucia Pehme

Before I launch back into blogging, I want to thank all of the kind readers who took the time to encourage me to return to my keyboard and once again spread optimism across Brooklyn. Though I am certainly touched at the concern many of you expressed for my well-being, in truth, my hiatus from blogging wasn't the result of any distress, but great happiness.

On December 18th, my wife, Patricia, and I welcomed our first child, Fiona Lucia Pehme, into the world. Since then, we have tried to keep the strain of our busy lives at bay and concentrate as much of our energy as possible on enjoying our daughter.

But now that my darling Fiona has finally decided to take pity upon her parents and sleep through the night, I have resolved to once again conduct myself like a quasi-normal person. Among my top priorities in returning to this state was to return to blogging. There have been simply too many days that have passed when I read or reflected upon something that I longed to write about, and yet let the window of time pass when it would still be relevant.

I can't promise to be as diligent about posting as I once was in my pre-parental days, but I pledge to make extra sure that whatever I do write will be of greater significance to both you and me.

And please keep emailing me at to share your thoughts on all things pertaining to our borough and beyond. Your belief in change and your commitment to truth is the lifeblood of the Brooklyn Optimist.

So, without further ado, I present to you Brooklyn's newest optimist, Fiona Pehme, photographed by her proud daddy on Inauguration Day.


mikesorgatz said...

glad you're back and congratulations!

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Congratulations! We had our second (a girl) in October, but there's no all night sleeping in my near future if she's like her brother.