Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brooklyn's Bloggers Are The Best

The Optimist had the great pleasure today of attending the January 2008 edition of the Brooklyn Blogade, a monthly meet-up of our borough's bloggers and their fans. The brunch was an inspiring, congenial affair held at the delicious Frank White Cafe + Gallery and kindly hosted by Robin Lesterhead of Clinton Hill Blog (pictured above, seated on the chair).

It was a treat for The Optimist to meet in person so many of the talented scribes whose blogs I regularly visit. Among this month's lofty participants were Louise Crawford, whose Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn is the blog of record in our borough (just Google "Brooklyn blog" and you'll see what I mean), Adrian Kinloch of Brit in Brooklyn, and Olivia Lane, Jason Das, and Patrick Kwan of SuperVegan.

Not only did the Optimist have the thrill of putting faces to his favorite blogs, he even had the staggeringly good fortune of winning the event's raffle, taking home a hi-tech Cuisinart coffee machine that made his fiancée very happy.

Thanks again to Robin and the Frank White crew for everything.

If you want to jump on board the Brooklyn Blogade bandwagon like The Optimist did (and got free stuff for doing so!), the group's next meet-up will be on Sunday, February 10th. Eleanor Traubman of Creative Times will be our host. Check out her blog or stay tuned to this one for more information as it becomes available.


BIB said...

Great to meet you!

Olivia Lane said...

It was awesome to meet you. Congrats on winning the coffee maker. I bet you had a mean cup of joe this morning!