Thursday, January 24, 2008

Idiotarod MMVIII

Brooklyn's premiere sporting event has returned! This weekend in a monumental meeting of mind and mettle, the world's most celebrated athletes will take to the streets of our borough for The Idiotarod.

For those who don't know the history of this prestigious race, The Idiotarod is the ferocious Spartan struggle that has spawned knock-off contests around the world, like some sled race in Alaska featuring guys too cold to spell "Idiotarod" correctly.

But though often imitiated, The Idiotarod itself exceeds all comparison. As the tournament's website so eloquently reminds us, instead of sleds as their chariots, its gladiators ride in shopping carts, and instead of dogs pulling them, people do, and instead of Alaska, it's New York.

As to which heroic men and women will emerge from this Saturday's melee enshrined forever in the stars - like last year's triumphant Colonel Angus team - no one knows.

Mirabile dictu
, it could even be you.

For the mere cost of money and your dignity, you can enter the race up until and including (and even after, if you like) the very day of the contest, January 26th.

This year The Idiotarod defies the tired parameters of other marathons by starting not in just one possible location, but four: the water taxi stands respectively in DUMBO, Williamsburg, and Long Island City, as well as India Street in Greenpoint.

All you need is your cart, your compatriots, and your courage. And $40.

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