Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DeBlasio vs. Barron: Round 1

Elizabeth Benjamin at the News had an article in her blog yesterday about the first dust-up in the race for Brooklyn Borough President in 2009. It seems that one of Councilman Bill DeBlasio's supporters, Rabbi Joseph Stamm, accused DeBlasio's only announced opponent, cantankerous Councilman Charles Barron of being anti-semitic to raise funds for DeBlasio's campaign. Though DeBlasio came with the usual yada-yada denials about not condoning the Rabbi's invite, Barron predictably used the opportunity to skewer DeBlasio and get his candidacy in the paper.

DeBlasio, who managed Hillary Clinton's successful bid for Senate in 2000, should know better. Doesn't he understand that the only way to run against a savvy media-manipulator like Barron is to pretend he doesn't exist?

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