Friday, October 3, 2008

Brooklyn Politics: Who are Brooklyn's Democratic District Leaders? (2008)

As Part V of the Optimist's public service series to his fellow Brooklynites, the following is a current list of Brooklyn's Democratic District Leaders. The majority of these district leaders do not have websites, so I have not added links to their names, except for in the cases where the District Leader holds another elective office in addition to this post.

You will notice that there are two names listed for each Assembly District. That is because each AD has both a male and female representative. For those of you who do not know what a District Leader does, check out this fine explanation from the Room Eight blog.

Some of you may also notice that with this concluding chapter of my five part series that I have neglected to list the Republican and Independence Party's District Leaders. The reason I have done so is twofold: relevance and time. Except for in the Bay Ridge area, Republicans have virtually no impact upon local politics, because the overwhelming majority of voters in Brooklyn are Democrats. The Independence Party is irrelevant everywhere in our borough.

It took quite an effort to compile a list even of the Democratic District Leaders, but since they are significant (though, albeit, largely overlooked) I felt that this was a worthwhile endeavor. Because of the relative unimportance of the Republican and Independence Parties, I decided not to bother tracking down who their District Leaders are. But, however, if someone is willing to send me a complete, up-to-date list for either of these parties, or any I have omitted to mention, I will happily add them to my blog as an addendum to this series.

Now on to the list! If you don't know in what district you live, you can find out everything you need to know by entering your address into the New York City Board of Elections' website right here.

Kings County Democratic District Leaders (42 Total):

40th AD: Carol Faison
40th AD: Earl Williams
41st AD: Laurie Garson
41st AD: Lewis Fidler
42nd AD: Mary Hobson
42nd AD: Booker Ingram
43rd AD: Shirley Patterson
43rd AD: Jesse Hamilton
44th AD: Lori Citron Knipel
44th AD: Jacob Gold
45th AD: Pearl Siegelman
45th AD: Michael Geller
46th AD: Dilia Schack
46th AD: Mark Davidovich
47th AD: Jeanette Givant
47th AD: Charles Ragusa
48th AD: Sharon Fuchs
48th AD: Dov Hikind
49th AD: Maryrose Sattie
49th AD: Joseph Bova
50th AD: Linda Minucci
50th AD: Steven Cohn
51st AD: Amanda Bonilla
51st AD: Felix Ortiz
52nd AD: Jo Anne Simon
52nd AD: Alan Fleishman
53rd AD: Diana Reyna
53rd AD: Vito Lopez
54th AD: Jannitza Luna
54th AD: Darryl Towns
55th AD: Kamaria Boyland
55th AD: William Boyland Jr.
56th AD: Annette Robinson
56th AD: Albert Vann
57th AD: Olanike T. Alabi
57th AD: Walter Mosley III
58th AD: Melba Brown
58th AD: Kendall Stewart
59th AD: Roberta Sherman
59th AD: Bernard Catcher
60th AD: Joanne Seminara
60th AD: Ralph Perfetto

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