Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brooklyn Politics: Who are Brooklyn's New York State Assembly Members? (2008)

As Part III of the Optimist's public service series to his fellow Brooklynites, the following is a current list of Brooklyn's Assembly Members. To make the list as helpful as possible, I've linked each name to the elected officials' homepage.

If you don't know in what district you live, you can find out everything you need to know by entering your address into the New York City Board of Elections' website right here.


40th AD: Inez Barron (NOTE: Technically, this seat is currently vacant, as disgraced former Assemblywoman Diane Gordon abruptly resigned from office for bribery [watch the amazing actual tape of her soliciting a bribe here]. However, Inez Barron, the wife of Councilman Charles Barron won this September's Democratic Primary making her a shoo-in to replace Gordon come January 2009.)
41st AD: Helene Weinstein
42nd AD: Rhoda Jacobs
43rd AD: Karim Camara
44th AD: James Brennan
45th AD: Steven Cymbrowitz
46th AD: Alec Brook-Krasny
47th AD: William Colton
48th AD: Dov Hikind
49th AD: Peter Abbate Jr.
50th AD: Joe Lentol
51st AD: Felix Ortiz
52nd AD: Joan Millman
53rd AD: Vito Lopez
54th AD: Darryl Towns
55th AD: William Boyland
56th AD: Annette Robinson
57th AD: Hakeem Jeffries
58th AD: Nick Perry
59th AD: Alan Maisel
60th AD: Janele Hyer-Spencer (also represents Staten Island)

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