Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing The Gowanus Lounge

The Brooklyn media has been dealt a sad blow over the last couple of weeks since Bob Guskind indefinitely suspended publication of his blog, The Gowanus Lounge. For those of you who have not been so fortunate to benefit from its daily insights, The Gowanus Lounge was (and is) the foremost resource in understanding real estate in Western Brooklyn. And in a land where real estate is king, losing The Gowanus Lounge is tantamount to suddenly being deprived of sight.

The absence of The Gowanus Lounge is far more serious to Brooklynites than the disappearance of The Sun. Please take the time to write to Bob and encourage him to resume publication or at least to tell him thanks. Writing a blog is an incredibly difficult, draining experience, both professionally and personally, and the only payment we bloggers receive in return is the appreciation of our readers.

I understand well why Bob might not be able to do it any more. As regular Optimist readers know, I have also found it necessary to retreat at times from the infinite expanse of the blogosphere to the warm confines of home. But, time and again, it is your letters and the desire to make my community better that keep bringing me back to my keyboard.

Let's hope that Bob gets back to his soon.


Anonymous said...

GL is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems odd that GL is missing just as Toll Brothers heads into their final stretch in buying out the city to get their zoning change.
Some are wndering if GL going missing at this time is some how releated.