Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lobbyist Scandal That Could Bring Down Practically EVERYONE at City Hall

Last Friday, this incredible story from blogger Gary Tilzer on the website Room Eight uncovered a staggering scandal that exposes shocking connections between our City's lobbyists, political consultants, and elected officials.

In his piece, which is written as an open letter to U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia, Tilzer calls on Garcia to launch a criminal investigation into the Council for letting lobbyists infiltrate City Hall and dictate the legislative agendas of the Council Members they got elected.

This piece blew the Optimist's mind and so thoroughly crushed the lingering remnants of respect he held for the City Council that it threatened to make the Optimist, well, not optimistic any more about City politics. But I will endure. I remain optimistic, because I know that there is always a possibility (albeit faint) that extending term limits will fail or that we will finally vote these clowns out of office (albeit even fainter).

THIS ARTICLE IS A MUST-READ. It is so important that I held off writing about it until this week, because I didn't want to just let it make a rumbling for a few days and then slip out of the news cycle into oblivion.

I encourage all of my readers to forward it to their friends, write to the mainstream media to pick it up on TV and in the major papers, and call U.S. Attorney Garcia to demand he investigates the thick web of corruption that covers City Hall.

This is no joke. If you aren't outraged, you haven't read this article.

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